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We are not a government website

Radionerds is not a governmental agency and not affiliated with the US Government. We are just a bunch of people who think that PS Magazine is cool enough to share with the world. We are totally funded by spare change and what we can beg from our spouses. Sometimes we sell old radio parts, or pick up aluminum cans (Ok maybe not that). We do this because its fun, we aren't making any money. Honestly, we lose money every month paying for the site and keeping it up.

Does that sound like anything close to a government operation? yea, no it doesn't.

This information is presented for historical purposes only

The content presented on this site is for informational purposes only. It may be out of date, or have changed significantly since the original publication. Safety procedures should always be followed. Use common sense, if the recommended procedure is decades old, its probably time to research it first to see if its still safe. If they are telling you that the greatest new thing is asbestos, its because in the 1950's it probably was, it doesn't mean its time to go buy some.

C'mon, be real here. When was the last time you spoke like Shakespeare? yea, things change.


Use the information at your own risk. Don't ruin it for everybody else by not using some common sense.