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MRSAP 750-3.png MRSAP 750-3
Nuclear Biological Chemical Preventive Maintenance
22 February 1991

DA Pamphlet 750-22.png DA Pamphlet 750-22
Troubleshooting Equipment in Combat Units
15 November 1973

DA Pamphlet 750-30.png DA Pamphlet 750-30
The M16A1 Rifle
Operation and Preventative Maintenance
1 July 1969

DA Pamphlet 750-31.png DA Pamphlet 750-31
The M561/M792 Gama Goat
Operation and Preventative Maintenance

DA Pamphlet 750-34.png DA Pamphlet 750-34
Preventive Maintenance of Lead Acid Batteries
The 'Lectric Factory
1 May 1976

DA Pamphlet 750-38.png DA Pamphlet 750-38
Army Equipment Record Procedures
25 August 1964