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  • 11-4700 Electrical Indicating and Measuring Instruments Repair Instructions. Dept. of the Army and the Air Force. May 1952. 96 p. U408.3.A13

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-4700 May 1952 Repair and Calibration of electrical instruments (meters) and test sets with the help of the AN~GSM-1 Meter Test Equipment.

  • 11-4701 Repair Instructions Rectifier RA-34-A, -B, -C, -D, -E, -F, -G, -H and -J. War Dept. Jul. 1945. 133 p. U408.3.A13 TM 11-4701 Jul. 1945
  • 11-4702 Repair Instructions Rectifier RA-43-B. War Dept. Jul. 1945. 42 p. U408.3.A13 TM 11-4702 Jul. 1945