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CPN-1 S-Band Beacon U/W SCR-621, SCR-729, AN~APN-2


  • RC-201 CPN-1 Radar Beacon (BC-1064)
  • R-6/ CPN-1 Receiver 20 tubes
  • T-8/ CPN-1 Xmitter
  • AS-3/ CPN-1 Antenna
  • CD-722 CPN-1 Main Power Cord
  • CX-18/ CPN-1 12' Power Cord, to CD-722, R-6/ & RC-201
  • CY-1/ CPN-1 Transit Chest for CY-22/
  • CY-22/ CPN-1 Case for R-6 Receiver (inside CY-1)
  • MT-61/ CPN-1 R-6 Receiver Mount
  • TS-143/ CPN-1 Synchroscope
  • UG-4/ CPN-1 T-Adapter for R-6 U/W BC-1064, 1098


  • TO 08-10-170 1943