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According to SIG 5, BX-42 is a spare parts box for SCR-245-GX, MX, NX and PX. From the contents listed (one vibrator, two RK-60 rectifier tubes and nine fuses), and info supplied by M Miller, I conclude that it was specifically for the PE-125-BX vibrator power supply. That version uses the one vibrator and two tubes shown here instead of two VB-5 and two CK-1006 used in the PE-125-AX. RK-60 is a vacuum rectifier with two plate caps (visible in photo) whereas CK-1006 is a gas rectifier with the same basing as 5Z3 et al. I don't yet know what the MTS-1019 vibrator looks like. WA5CAB

BX-42.jpg BX-42-2.JPG BX-42-4.JPG