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Covers morphed into radar domes??

  • CW-230/PRD-1 Cover for CY-946/ Equipment Cabinet P/O PRD-1 DF Set
  • CW-264,265 Covers for TS-718/721 Radar Test Sets P/O UPM-6
  • CW-265
  • CW-500
  • CW-502/GR CX-4656A/GRC Storage Bag P/O MK-456A Retransmission Cable Kit
  • CW-503/PRC-25 Antenna & Handset Bag
  • CW-508/GRC-39 Cover
  • CW-598/GRA-39 Carrying Bag for Radio Control Units
  • CW-1005/URR-71 Carrying Bag for R-1518/URR-71