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The K-31 Truck was used as the Power Truck for the SCR-270 radar. It was also used to house several (radio) equipments of the Signal Corps and Army Air Force.

First version (A) on GMC AFKX-804, 4 ton, 4x4, COE with York Hoover van body: K-31 POWER TRUCK RIGHT SIDE.jpg

US Army Photo: right side without window (other than the K-30 truck

Second version (B) on Autocar, truck 5-6 ton, 4x4, COE, VAN, U8144 with somewhat different York Hoover van body:

K-31 DRAWING.png



K-31 R-1 RECTIFIER.jpgfor rectifier R-1

K-31 R-2 RECTIFIER.jpgfor rectifier R-2

Reference File

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 9-817

Important Note

TM-11 1510 is prove that the K-31 truck was indeed the Power Truck of the SCR-270 and the K-30 truck the Operating Truck though the both are sometimes confused.