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Miscellaneous groups

  • OA-1394/GRC Amplifier Group (5820-287)
  • OA-4784/TRC-66A Receiv.-trans. gp .
  • OA-4844/TRC-66A Ampl. pwr. sup. gp .
  • OA-7160/TRC-97A Antenna, Horn with mast.
  • OA-8112/TRC-97A Antenna, Parabolic with mast.
  • OA-8389/GSC-10(V) Fire Direction Center, Artillery, Processing and Display
  • OA-8390/GSC-10(V) Fire Direction Center, Artillery
  • OA-8991/TSM-191 (V) Electronic Repair Shelter (ERS), /MSM, /USM-410(V)
  • OA-9018/TPQ-37(V) (5840-01-086-4727)

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