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Power Meter TS-125/AP is a compact, lightweight, battery-operated, UHF wattmeter used in checking the relative power output or radar transmitters. It may also be employed in measuring antenna radiation patterns and standing wave ratios. This equipment consists of a temperature-compensated thermistor bridge, a milliwattmeter, and a horn-type pickup antenna.

Relationship to Similar Equipment

This equipment is part of Test Set AN~APM-33, Test Set AN~MPM-2, and Test Kit AN/UPM1-7. Equipment Required But -Not Supplied: Battery: (3) BA-30.

Technical Description

Power Requirements
4.5 v dc
Frequency Range
2,400 to 3,335 mc
Type of Emission
CW, pulse
Power Range
0 to 2 mw, 0 to 4 w (with attenuators); above 4 w (with pickup ant).
Temperature Range
-20° C to +60° C
±.5 db
Major Units
TS125/AP 10" x 7 7/8" x 5 5/16"; 12 lbs

Reference Data and Literature

  1. TM 11-1217
  2. Army Spec 71-5067